25 czerwca 2009

"A co będzie, jeśli chcąc wypaść dobrze, wypadniemy z siebie?"

"What if trying to make a good impression, we'll make ourselves invisible?"

(the text says):
centre - "I am what I am"
left - "beautiful shrew/different from others/happy/inventive/capricious princess/wonderful and irritating/she found the peace in herself/rebelious?/courageous/proud/sorceress/not so fickle/aloof and haughty/rebel/sentimental/vivacious miss"
right - "fragile but strong/self-confident/temptress/far from stereotype/aware of her femininity/cheeky/sensual/quite a temper/the most important in the world/tender"

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  1. ...to tez praca, pod którą chciałabym się podpisać...