4 sierpnia 2011

"Droga jest drogą, nawet we mgle."
/cytat znaleziony w żurnalu LaWenduli/

"A path is a path even in fog."
/a quote found in LaWendula's journal/

mój wpis do żurnala Agnieszki-Anny.
trzeba było zilustrować dowolną piosenkę Bitelsów. byle w bieli.
to była wyczerpująca emocjonalnie praca i wcale nie słuchałam przy niej "Help", tylko tego:

my entry in Agnieszka-Anna's round robin art journal.
she asked us to illustrate any song by The Beatles and to do it in monochromatic white. I chose "Help". these pages were really exhausting emotionally for me so instead of listening to the proper song I played this:

(the highlited words are):
"this pain/less distinct, less definite/ doubts/something is aching, pressing, disturbing/the consciousness/they are all-consuming/suffering/touch us deeper/pain comes unexpectedly/it may be unbearable/sensitivity/while being exhausted"
a tak wygląda z tyłu

the back page

6 komentarzy:

  1. This is very great.

    There is another Beatles-Song: "With a little help from my friends!"
    "It's getting better all the time!"

  2. Jestem rozmiażdżona i rozsmarowana jak dżem na kanapce, genialne!

  3. Oh no - there we go again :) (at the moment, I'm working on a page where I highlight words from the textpage underneath....) We definitely ARE kindred spirits! I love your page and your take on the 'help' song!!

  4. I znów cudownie i nieziemsko...

  5. as always
    your quote inspiration and now your music selection too inspires me so much

    these pages are very beautiful and full of depth

    thank you for helping me again and again with your creativity and art heART