27 kwietnia 2011

"Nie zapamiętujemy dni, tylko chwile."
/Cesare Pavese/

"We do not remember days, we remember moments."
/Cesare Pavese/

Urtica zapytała nas w swoim zeszycie pytań: "być czy mieć?"
trudne pytanie. chciałoby się być, ale mieć tak bardzo kusi.
wybieram głęboki oddech. a takie odpowiedzi padły w Collage Caffe.

Urtica asked us in her questions art journal: "to be or to have?"
it's such a difficult question. one would love to be but having is so very tempting sometimes.
as for me, I choose taking a deep breath. and here you can see my Collage Caffe friends' answers.
(the text says):
left - "to find a miracle in the ordinary"/"this is the moment"/"only here and now"
right - "I need nothing more"

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  1. Hi Eliza,
    I just did a blog entry on LaWemdula's swap and the great package you send me (with a picture). Just love your art and wonderful inspirational quotes.