19 listopada 2009

"Życie to raj, do którego klucze są w naszych rękach."
/Fiodor Dostojewski/

"Life is a Paradise to which we hold the key."
/Fyodor Dostoyevski/

wyzwanie na Three Muses w temacie: "klucz".

an entry for a challenge at Three Muses themed: "keys".

11 komentarzy:

  1. Hi druga!
    It is wonderful to meet you ! I am so glad that you found my blog also!! I would love to swap napkins with you. I will send you an e-mail seperately. My e-mail address is listed in my profile- just click on email.
    I love this piece that you did for the Three Muses- I love the Red and Black combo!!
    Best Regards!

  2. I think the red and black makes it a bit naughty and daring. I think there's an interesting story hanging off that key ring!

  3. Wonderful work, both of them.

  4. w temacie klucza drzwi nowe otworzyłaś...!!!

  5. Both are creative and lovely, but I'm partial to the red and black. That color combination always has a special punch to me. Beautiful work!

  6. Druga, both your pieces are exquisite. I love the black and white and the black and red equally I think. The tiny little elements you have attached to your key are so beautiful and delicate. Stunning work. Bravo!!

  7. My favourite colours, Druga! Your art is just fabulous! So very intricate and detailed and perfect!!

  8. Beautiful colours and a beautiful card!!


  9. Oh I love these! I have a colection of skeleton keys. These are so prettily enhanced. Your art work is always so pretty.