2 lipca 2009

"Czujemy jak to, czym powinniśmy być, pulsuje tuż pod powierzchnią tego, czym jesteśmy."
/Philip Brooks/

(the text says):
"ask yourself 48 questions"
"1.when do you feel completely happy? what do you to be happy? 2.what does it have in common with art? 3.what do i want? 4.change? 5.new goals? 6.do brave people rule the world? 7.do you dream? 8.if not now, then when? 9.and why not? 10.how about tomorrow? 11.and what about the future? 12.have you got a hobby that completely absorbs you and which you do regularly? 13.are you changing your life? 14.modesty? 15.is that what you want? 16.do you create? 17.what decision shall i make? 18.where am i going? 19.who are you going to become? 20.how much depends on you? 21.what awaits you? 22.whose life is this? 23.why not? 24.does it sound like a dream? 25.what can i do? 26.impossible? 27.any idea how to live? 28.what do you dream about? 29.and talent? what's a talent? 30.shall i follow my heart? 31.a whim? 32.what worries you? 33.where shall i start? 34.what are your dreams? 35.and how about...? 36.who will you become when you grow up? 37.what can you do? 38.when? 39.is our life going to change completely? 40.what to choose? 41.what to do? 42.am i brave? 43.what are you waiting for? 44.how? 45.only how to do it? 46.what have you got to lose? 47.art? 48.am i scared?"

3 komentarze:

  1. rewelacyjna praca
    ...mnie daje do myślenia
    forma świetnie splata się z treścią u Ciebie


  2. to jest mój osobisty kolaż-kopniak do pracy twórczej.

  3. ojej, fantastyczne i takie osobiste.